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Whether you are looking for a rent to own home for you and your family, or own a house and are looking to list for sale using the ever populat rent to own system, this site is for you. the home of your dreams is waiting, while your rent payments go towards the purchase.

Vallejo CA Rent to Own Home Street View117 Revere St, Vallejo, CA, Vallejo, CA Rent to Own Remarkable like-new home with in an old-style neighborh...Beds 3 | baths 2 | Sq FT 817$817.00WebsiteMore >>
Phoenix AZ Rent to Own Home7834 W Palm Ln, Phoenix, AZ, Rent to Own Home in Phoenix, AZ YouTube Preview Image...Beds 3 | baths 2 | Sq FT 1934$1500.00WebsiteMore >>
Dothan AL Rent to Own Street View969 South Alice Street, Dothan, AL, Nicely Renovated Rent-to-Own in Dothan, AL 3 | baths 2 | Sq FT 1856$625.00More >>
Rent to own houses Skyesville MD5819 Victor Dr, Sykesville, MD, USFSBO Rent to Own Near Baltimore Tons of updates and a highly motivated seller ...Beds 4 | baths 3 | Sq FT 1218FreeWebsiteMore >>
Rent to Own Harrisburg PA28 N 19th st, Harrisburg, PA, Large Victorian Style Home A great fixer-upper in historic Harrisburg A little...Beds 8 | baths 4 | Sq FT 4569$100000.00WebsiteMore >>
Rent to Own Chaska MNChaska, MN 55318, DirectionsSearch nearbymore, nearbymore, USPristine, one owner townhome in great location! Easy access to 212, 10 min or le...Beds 2 | baths 2 | Sq FT 1188$539000.00WebsiteMore >>
rent to own Minneapolis MN3614 American Blvd W, Minneapolis, MN, USBuy and not rent your next home!3614 Fremont Ave NMinneapolis, MN 55412Newly rem...Beds 3 | baths 1 | Sq FT NA$129900.00WebsiteMore >>
Rent to own Lonsdale MN309 Main St S, Lonsdale, MN, USYou can start OWNING your own home NOW! You have a freshly remolded home ...Beds 4 | baths 3 | Sq FT 3000$1350.00WebsiteMore >>

Find the Perfect Rent-to-Own House or Lease Option Home

While there are a lot of resources available for you to learn about rent-to-own houses, we feel we have sifted through and have chosen the most useful information available.

A house is just that, a house, until someone lives in it. That’s when it becomes a Home. As you can imagine there’s a world of difference between the two. Anyone can build or buy a house, but it takes family, love and hard work to make it a home. It also takes money and in some cases, lots of money for upkeep and updates. Don’t let that scare you tho, since it’s not only an investment, it can also be a nice tax write-off.

Who wouldn’t love to live in a luxurious home with all the newest gadgets and high tech inventions? Well, It’s safe to say that most of us have thought of it. But, what’s really important when you consider buying a home’

If you’re a seasoned home shopper you may already have learned from experience what type, location, and price of home is good for your family. Setting some guidelines and priorities is a good way to start the hunt. First, make a wish list. This is a great starting point for anyone and will help get your priorities in order! Knowing what you want or need is half the battle.

This will include some essential questions you need to ask yourself also like, what you can afford’, are you willing to do renovations and how much’, and lists specific needs for your family.

Location, Location, Location…

Location can be flexible for some families, but must be specific for other families. Work, disabilities, and children are just a few factors that can influence location necessities or desires When finding a rent to own home. For instance, if you don’t want to commute long distance to work you will need to consider travel time to work. If you or a family member have disabilities that require special treatments or services, you will need to consider travel time to current providers, or consider availability of services in the new location. Local schools, and their reputations, will play an important role in location for those families with children, as well as neighborhood safety.

Articles About Rent to Own

There is much more information about Rent-to-Own Houses and how it can be used in your daily life if you head over to the “Articles” section found in out menu. We are sure you will find the rest of the information regarding Rent-to-Own Houses and how it relates to lease and purchase option helpful also.


There’s no satisfaction in qualifying for a loan that you can’t afford! Consider your other obligations and how the new payment will affect your budget.

Sometimes, scrupulous mortgage brokers and lenders don’t really consider if you can actually “afford” the loan for your home. They boast that they can get “anybody” a loan. That’s easy when you don’t really care about the final results. Besides, it’s a secured loan, which means, your commitment is secured by your property. They’ll simply take your home if you don’t meet your commitment. So, be careful. Always use a reputable company for your mortgage needs. They may not tell you what you want to hear, but they’ll look out for your best interests. has a calculator to help give you some idea how much you can afford. Always live within your means to prevent self-created financial disasters.

When you know what you can afford, shop and compare. Hud offers a great home buying booklet at, Looking for the Best Mortgage, that answers questions and prepares homeowners for the mortgage shopping experience. There is even a form for you to keep track of home loan comparisons.

Don’t be a Victim of Loan Fraud

The Federal Citizen Information Center warns consumers to protect themselves from predatory lenders! Before you make a final decision, take the time to review the 11 Tips on Being a Smart Consumer at

When looking for a mortgage, don’t forget to ask about specialty loans. You may qualify for specialty loans if:

You’re a Teacher
You are purchasing a home that needs remodeling.
You are a first time buyer

HUD answers ‘Common Questions from First Time Home Buyers” at

Whether you’re buying your first home or growing into a new home, you’ll be successful if you take your time, know your priorities, and research all your options!

Happy Hunting. May the “House” you choose become a happy “Home!”

About the Author: Cheryl Johnson is a mother of four helping herself and others become, and remain, debt free. Publisher of the personal finance site Simple Debt Free Living at

We sincerely hope you have found this information regarding Rent-to-Own Houses and Lease Purchase useful. We will continue to search the internet to discover the most useful and pertinent resources available about Rent-to-Own Houses.

Why Rent When You Can Rent-To-Own? NO CREDIT CHECK – NO BANK QUALIFYING!!! Learn how easy it is to Rent to Own Houses even when banks have turned you down.

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